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A note from our founder

Love and light,


Welcome to the start of an exciting journey!

Rise and Flow is an energy driven mindfulness boutique serving its customers through yoga, health and

wellness education and meditation. The goal is to bring awareness of mindfulness into areas of our

community in which it is not taught and to continuously explore the many nooks and crannies of its

teachings. Mindfulness should be universal and experienced among all cultures and societies.


“When you can find stillness in the mind, you have found your inner strength. And intuitive peace is powerful!”

I invite you to join us in exploring our inner selves. All bodies are welcome and loved - together, let's give rise to mindfulness.


“Rise and Flow has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Everything from the owner's warm greeting to the cozy decor and soothing aroma made me instantly feel relaxed and comfortable.” 


—  Tanya Dickens, Owner of Savor the Moment Bakery


Classes: Monday (8:30am), Tuesday (6:00pm), Thursday (6:00pm) and Friday (6:00pm)

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