Zoom Fatigue is Real!

Self-quarantining means everything occurs at home. Zero in-person meetings and amplified taxing of the brain. Work meetings, school classrooms, yoga classes like at Rise and Flow are all being brought to you live via video conference and live streaming. Zoom fatigue is real. Can you even imagine how remote work is placing wear and tear on our psyche? Well, it is, and in complicated ways.

During this time we are learning a lot about ourselves but we are also learning what we already know about technology and social media. Virtual interactions can be extremely hard on the brain.

Humans communicate even when they are quiet or in solace. We communicate not only verbally but with our body language too. And we need both verbal and nonverbal cues to effectively communicate. Placing our communication in the hands of a virtual screen is essentially taxing altogether because we are having to sustain intense attention to words instead. Guess what? Multi-person cubes magnify this exhausting problem.

Zoom fatigue is so real, especially for people who have neurological difficulty with in-person exchanges. So, on your next video call be mindful of how you are feeling and how others are feeling. Maybe even give the screens a break for 1 week and come back to it later on. You deserve it!

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