There’s No Perfect Person, Not Even You

Check in with yourself? Check in with your friends? Check in, check in…. But, what does that really mean? In this post we talk about 3 ways that people put on facades and how you can navigate your self-journey with bravery and grace.

There are 3 ways that people place facades upon themselves. At times it varies upon whom they are around and where they are. We like to enter every space with “style and grace” but how do we do that while remaining authentic to our selves.

1. Material Facades

Have you seen the comparison of Social Media images vs In Real Life images. Yes! This is truth. People can purchase or broadcast material things that make them look and feel better than what they truly do.

How to find bravery and grace to overcome this façade: Find humble ways to allow people to feel acceptance and support in your presence. Sometimes we all just need the reminder that this is a “judgment free zone.”

2. Verbal Facades:

You know the phrase that people say when you ask, “how are you?” Most people respond with, “I’m fine!” And they could be having the worst day ever. This façade is speaking emotions and thoughts to cover up how we truly feel inside.

How to find bravery and grace to overcome this façade: Sometimes it is up to us to follow up and ask the question again and reassure the person you are speaking to that you genuinely want to know their answer.

3. Gesture and Facial Facades:

You know the saying, “It says it all over your face!” You can front false emotions with their faces and gestures that may not match up with their words.

How to find bravery and grace to overcome this façade: actively listen, breathe and process information before responding or reacting.

We are all guilty of at least one or all of these facades. You aren’t alone in this. We are all a work in progress.


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