10 Things to Create Your Sacred Space

A candle or two, oh, yes! And, a nice canvas on the wall. Those are all things we see highlighted on blogs and the internet to create a beautiful space. But, what about the items we need to create a sacred space. This space should bring you joy, peace, memories and life! Before Covid-19 we were gallivanting outdoors, shopping, coming home only to rest and playing outside or at a neighbors. Now, we are cooped up in our houses. Have you thought about whether your home brings you peace? Or, even a room in your home, does it bring you peace? What do people comment on when they enter your space? Does it feel warm and fuzzy or crisp and modern? Enjoy these 10 things that we consider parts of a sacred space.

1. Colors effect your mood.

Colors effect our mood, emotions and sentiments. We are inspired by our surroundings. Powerful colors like red and purple influence authority and since of influence. Soft colors like blue and tan influence our mood to feel grounded and relaxed. Earth is full of beautiful colors and remember everyone's preference is different. I tend to stick to Earth's natural tones to influence my space of solitude and serenity.

2. Aromatherapy is essential.

The air you breathe is so important. You want the space that you sleep, wake, rest and play in to be fresh and light never overwhelming. Items that help with a sacred space are air diffusers, candles, incense and light air fresheners. Stick with naturally and locally made scents to ensure its authentic ingredients and always consult with a local aromatherapists for guidance. We love scents like: lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, and eucalyptus.

3. Cozy and warmth give us all the feels.

Having items in your home that make you feel warm and cozy matter. There is a reason why people love to bundle up among a great group of friends in the winter time. There is this amazing feeling of love and support that consumes your heart. We love to leave blankets on the couch for quick movie snuggles. If you have fuzzy socks or lounge shoes leave them at the door for you to quickly kick off your outside shoes and transition into your cozy home.

4. Pictures of love, adventures and family.

Add to your sacred space by placing pictures that mean a lot to you. Our bodies react and remember to the way people make us feel. Find a photo or quote of a moment with a loved one or from an adventure that you cherish and place it in a high traffic area. Remind yourself of good and happy moments.

5. Items that bring you joy.

Sift through your entire space getting rid of items that do not serve you and leaving the items that bring you an abundance of joy. Recognize that the items that are in your space that aren't bringing you joy are tainting your inner peace. Get rid of them! They are no longer welcome in your sacred space.

6. Organization and tidiness.

Once you have let go of items that are no longer serving you begin to organize your space. Make room for items that need prime display in your space. Keep items that are secret and personal in a nice and private area. Get rid of "dust collectors" and fill your space with items that fill you back up.

7. Memories and wall art.

Add your creativity to the space with quotes & wall art that resonate with you. Complete your walls with goals and pictures of where you hope to go or even where you have been. Select quotes that are meaningful and inspiring. Maybe even start a sticky note wall to add all of your favorite quotes over time.

8. Green, plants and life.

Plants are such inspiring beings. Plants provide life, encourage life and reflect life. Our lives are meant to be watered, nourished, re-soiled and given light, much like plants. Place plants around your sacred space to promote healthy air and healthy rest. Take care of your plant(s), give it all of the TLC it needs.

9. Healthy foods and beverages in plain sight.

Leave veggies, fruit and water in plain sight. We tend to gravitate to what we can get to and see quickly. Keep healthy snacks visible to encourage your hand to reach for the good stuff.

10. Noise level is everything.

Keep it down, keep it light. Have soft music in the background during your work day or even keep the noise level to a minimum to fully concentrate on one thing at a time. No need to have the TV on, music playing, AND social media entertainment all going at the same time. Find a natural level of noise that fits within your sacred space.

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