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Power in Yoga: A yoga flow inspired by movement and intention. Flow with power within ourselves and power within our movement. All levels are welcome! (led by: Stephany McMillan)

Strength in Yoga: A yoga class for the individual focused on toning and stregthening their body. Come prepared to work hard. Intense and fast speed. (led by: Stephany McMillan)

Explore in Yoga: A yoga flow catering to the foundations and basics of yoga. If you are new to yoga or would like to refine your practice, this is the perfect class for you. Enjoy an hour of stretch, strength and safe technique. Modifications are encouraged. (led by: Tamara Jeffries)

Rest in Yoga: A yoga flow reflecting the need to rest, breathe and be present, with a huge emphasis on rest. Hold postures for 5-7 mins with the support of many props. A relaxing restorative yoga flow for beginners and all levels. (led by: Stephany McMillan)

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