As of June 1, 2020 Rise and Flow will temporarily close its doors. All workshops, classes, and retreats will continue via virtual platform.

Thank you for your continued support Rise and Flow family.

We have made several adaptations during this time and hope you will stick with us! Our membership (Rise and Flow family) community has been at the heart and soul of our transition since the first day of the pandemic. To each of you who showed up for classes in-person while the doors were open, we see you. To each of you who logged in and did a class from our video library, we see you. To each of you who has shown up for our virtual, live classes each week, we see you. To every single person who continued their membership during this pandemic, we can never fully express what that support has meant to us. We see each of your names and we thank the universe each day for you. Your support has been invaluable as we’ve navigated this unprecedented time. Thank you.

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Marli says,

Long time R+F Member (R+F Family)

"Rise and Flow has been life changing for me and I believe the community could benefit from this space! I would encourage someone to attend a class because they will instantly feel like they are part of the family! As soon as you hit the door, or Webex meeting room, you are met with a warm welcome and big smile.


There is no judgement. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, you will feel supported and provided with guidance specific to your needs. Rise and Flow is truly an inclusive space - all bodies are welcome. There are no expectations or preconceived notions; wherever you are each day and whatever your body is feeling each day - it’s okay. You receive cues about mindfulness that refocus your attention back to your mat.


So rarely do we have the opportunity to take time for ourselves - Rise and Flow provides the space for you to do that. Above all, you will receive genuine kindness from Stephany and Rise and Flow! This community offers a reminder that there is still so much good in the world and much to be grateful for."

We create a brave space for marginalized and otherwise underserved groups in our local community to practice yoga classes, workshops, retreats and more!

We believe that "everything you need is already within you." We encourage our Rise and Flow family to find mindfulness in times of chaos and peace in times of noise. When your voice sits quiet we fill your body with strength and energy to speak with confidence. Where you feel small we ignite the light within you to feel grand and positively take up space.

Pause here. Rest here. Take a moment for your heart to rise and your body to flow. Through harmony, peace and diversity the Rise and Flow family perseveres.


Breathe here. 

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Classes: Monday (8:15am), Tuesday (6:00pm), Thursday (6:00pm) and Friday (6:00pm)

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